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Building jamod


This document describes how to build jamod from the source package.

Invoking the build

jamod's build is based on Apache ant and requires =v1.6 to be properly installed on your system and available from the command line.


The only supported way for building this library is via the delivered build scripts for ant. (Most IDE's nowadays provide ant integration or at least support anyway.)


Documentation builds are based on Apache forrest. To invoke these you will need release version 0.6 installed on your system.
Standard JDK Builds
The build script that needs to be invoked by ant is build.xml. This is the default so if you do not pass the file parameter, this file will be used.
SNAP Builds
The build script that needs to be invoked by ant is build-snap.xml. You will need to pass it using the -f file parameter for ant. We have successfully build jamod for SNAP firmware =0.17.0

To see the build targets and the default target, you should invoke ant with the option -projecthelp

Build Properties

Build properties will be read from your home directory (.build.properties) or from the actual directory (build.properties).
These allow you to toggle flags for the building procedure (standard build.properties file):

# Compiler to be used

# Flag for building against the RXTX library (with gnu.io prefix)

# Deprecation warnings

## Optimization and Debug
# Development Set

# Production/Release set


There are additional properties that need to be set for the SNAP build (also see example):

the path to the directory where you have stored the SNAP firmware
The path to the binary used for preverification preverify.
#SNAP has javax.comm interfaces, building for RXTX makes no sense at all



All build products including the docs and the distributions will be written to the build directory.

by Dieter Wimberger