This project represents a Modbus implementation in 100% Java. It can be used to implement Modbus masters and slaves in various flavors:

  • Serial

    ASCII, RTU (Master only), BIN

  • IP

    TCP, UDP

    The design of this library is fully object oriented, based on abstractions which should support easy understanding, reusability and extensibility.

    One important goal of this project is a codebase that is easily usable on a variety of Java Platforms (and devices). Many limited resource devices do not provide Java 5 and Java 6 environments, and there are only limited possibilities for logging.

    You might be looking at an offline copy. The last release version of this documents can be found at (http://jamod.sourceforge.net). However, as the online version will reflect the latest release version, it might be better to browse the local version that came with the release you are using.

Target Audience

Java developers which need to access or share data using Modbus protocols.


This project is free and open source and this will not change in the future. However, working on the project requires resources (beyond the ones provided by SF). If you are willing to support the project financially, you are welcome to make donations (via SF/PayPal).

Donated money will be used to pay Internet provider bills, provide and maintain network facilities, enhance computing power and memory capacity.